equipment being transported on conveyor belt


Increase shareholders value in core business
By deploying a strategy of growth and market leadership, we strive to strengthen the capabilities of our core business to create a better value for our shareholders.

Embark on managed expansion
Considering our current capabilities and experience, we seek to replicate our successful business models in similar markets, in a well managed manner backed by research and planning.

Seek strategic alliance
Through strategic alliances with global leaders, access expertise and competitive advantages for consequent delivery of successful business lines into the target markets.

Explore backward integration
Identify backward integration or origin control projects in relation to the products we deal with, to establish control and stability of supply sources.
Our Vision
To become the most successful and respected company in Nigeria.
Our Goals:
To be pre-eminent player within the region with regards to the principal business lines of the organisation.

To be associated with excellence in quality and reputation in the eyes of our suppliers, customers, financial institutions, government and other stakeholders.