Rockpeters Nigeria Limited was fully incorporated in 1986 to do business in Nigeria. Over the years, the name Rockpeters has established itself as an integral part of the Nigerian economy as an integrated commercial, service- oriented organisation. Rockpeters has positioned itself as one of the leading providers of engineering equipment, hardware tools to different sectors of the Nigerian economy i.e. construction, energy, manufacturing, government parastatals, maritime, telecommunication sectors and many more.

Sensing the significant developments that were imminent in infrastructure, construction, industrial and manufacturing areas, Rockpeters operates this independent division to manage all the above sectors. Today, Rockpeters carries more than 50,000 items in stock. We are undoubtedly the number one dealers and suppliers of various types of industrial, construction and engineering equipments in Nigeria.

Rockpeters' proven track record which is based on the ability to identify business opportunities that correlate with the organisations core competence areas has also lead us to diversify into other business areas,e.g. consumable product marketing etc.
Our Vision
To become the most successful and respected company in Nigeria.
Our Goals:
To be pre-eminent player within the region with regards to the principal business lines of the organisation.

To be associated with excellence in quality and reputation in the eyes of our suppliers, customers, financial institutions, government and other stakeholders.